Alice Varini Jewelry


Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The only jewelry place where the owner is a designer and a gemologist!
Be Unique BE Brilliant Be YOU!
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• Made in Phnom Penh
• Ethicaly source gemstones
• Cambodia gemstones
• Solid Gold 14k & 18k jewelry
• Silver jewelry
• Custom design available


Deeply attached to this country I value local production, handmade jewelry, and ONLY real Gemstones. My creations are minimalist and elegant and my goal is to create pieces of jewelry that fit your style and your personality. Like a personal shopper, I will introduce you to my wonderland and help you to find the gemstone and the design that fit you the most.
Jewels and Gems are 100% locally made and sourced.

We speak

English, French, Thai, Khmer

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